Our Purpose

At Kleenatap, our purpose is pure- just like how your water should be. Our goal is to supply our customers with a crystal “kleen” water source that will greatly enhance every aspect of their health and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. We all know that water is essential. The human body is composed of ~60% water. What many of us don’t know, is that the quality of our water is one of the greatest factors in our overall health. The essence of our water affects our weight, energy levels, brain function, digestion, skin, and so much more. Kleenatap realizes how important quality water is to live a happy and healthy life. Take care of your body, mind, and The Earth by installing a filtration system today!

Our Systems

The water supplied by the city varies in every area from block to block. No matter how the Municipalities treat your tap water, there is still an abundance of unwanted chemicals. When you install a Kleenatap Water Filtration System, you eliminate the left-behind chlorine, dirt particles, lead, organic and volatile compounds, and much more. YOUR BODY should NOT be the water filter.

Our filtration systems are affordable and inexpensive to run – Imagine less than 25 cents per day for unlimited “kleen” water that is conveniently located at your kitchen sink. It is cheaper, more effective, and more convenient than single-use plastic water bottles and other filtration systems.

No matter if you rent or own, Kleenatap Systems are suited for Apartments, Condos, Homes, Offices, Mobile Homes, Campers/RVs, and Boats.

“Kleen” water is essential. It allows you to match good nutrition with healthy water that is free of toxic chemicals. Use your Kleenatap water to wash your vegetables and fruits, for cooking, morning tea, coffee, drinking water, hygiene, the list goes on… Your pets and plants will also love it. Kleenatap also provides a full after-sales service. We love to remind all of our customers about the unmatched service by our qualified technicians. A Kleenatap Technician will maintain your system on an annual basis to ensure quality functioning.

Why Choose Kleenatap

When making a change, there may be a feeling of resistance. Usually, we are comfortable with the system we have created for ourselves. Don’t settle for jug filters, fridge filters, or bottled water. Kleenatap’s Filtration Systems have changed the lives of hundreds of happy customers. Let Kleenatap do the same for you. It’s time to take charge of your health, time, and money today.

Pitchers and Jug Filters
These filtration systems require frequent filter changes and it’s hard to keep track of the last time the filter was changed. Not to mention, the cost and hassle of buying new filters. It requires constant refilling, which is time-consuming and not always functional in a multi-person household.

Fridge Filters
Fridge filters are not only costly but time-consuming. If you own one, you know it can be anywhere from $25 to $80 per change and requires frequent filter changing. The water sometimes has a strange taste or smell due to the food inside of the refrigerator. Lastly, this filtered water was only designed for drinking. Whereas a Kleenatap faucet attachment allows use for washing produce, drinking, kleening, and so much more. As mentioned before, you have the option to hook up a Kleenatap water system to your fridge.

Bottled Water
Bottled water contains chemicals from plastic and impacts your health, germs from re-use, and can get extremely expensive. They’re terrible for the environment. They’re heavy to carry, take up storage, and are of limited supply. Save yourself time, money, and a trip to the grocery store with Kleenatap.

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