The water supplied by the city varies from area to area and no matter how the Municipalities treat your tap water, a Kleenatap water filtration system can eliminate unwanted chemicals, such as chlorine, dirt particles and volatile compounds etc.

Let a Kleenatap filtration system take care of it – YOU do not need to be the filter.

Our systems are affordable and inexpensive to run – Imagine less than 25 cents per day for unlimited clean water that is conveniently located at your kitchen sink.

No matter if you rent or own, Kleenatap Systems are suited for Apartments, Condos, Homes, Offices, Mobile Homes, RVS and Boats.

A Kleenatap system is essential to any household, knowing you can match good nutrition with healthy water, free of chemicals that we should all be avoiding.
Using it to wash your vegetables and fruits, cooking, coffee / teas and drinking. Even your pets and plants will love it. Kleenatap provides a full after sales service. We remind all our customers of the annual service and our qualified technician maintains your system.

Counter Top System

“This system is designed for customers who rent. It provides the unlimited supply of quality water that you deserve.
The system is portable and fits on most kitchen faucets. Simply attach the unit and pull the leaver that diverts the water through the filter for all of your water consumption.”
1 st stage – sediment for reducing dirt, rust, slim etc. & protecting the carbon filter
2 nd stage – activated carbon block for THMs, chlorine, VOC's, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides etc.
You own the system and when you move into your own home, we re-install your system. No need to purchase another filter.
A Kleenatap technician will maintain your system on an annual basis.

Shower Filter

Did you know that our body absorb 50% of the chlorine from the hot shower?
Showers and taking a bath are more enjoyable with this device. This shower filter will eliminate chlorine, mold, fungi & algae to protect you.

Problem with Pitcher / Jug Filter

Frequent filter change (almost monthly)
Used only for drinking
Refilling it all the time

Fridge Filter

Costly change of filter ($25-50 per change)
Frequent filter change (2-4 times a year)
Only for drinking
Strange taste at times (due to food smell)

Bottled Water

chemicals from plastic
germs from re-use
extremely expensive
heavy to carry
needs storage space in the house
always run out

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