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Do You Rent? We Have Filters For That.

Counter Top System

This 2 stage filtration system is designed for our customers who rent their living space. It provides an unlimited supply of kleen water for the whole household. No more worrying about your roommate not refilling the Brita! The system is portable and easy to move. You always own the system, and when you move Kleentap will reinstall your system for you. There is no need to purchase another filter! The Counter Top System fits on most kitchen faucets- simply attach the unit, pull the leaver, and divert the water through the filter. It’s easy, convenient, and designed for busy and healthy lifestyles. No more carrying heavy bottles of water to your third-story apartment.

This Is How It Works:

Stage 1- removes sediment, dirt, rust, slime, and protects the carbon filter
Stage 2- the activated carbon block removes THMs, chlorine, lead, VOCs, bacteria, pesticides, and herbicides.

You own the system and when you move into your own home, we re-install your system. No need to purchase another filter.
A Kleenatap technician will maintain your system on an annual basis.

Shower Filter

We may think that kleen water is only a necessity for consuming. Well, the water that we bathe in determines the quality of our hair, skin, and health equally. Our bodies absorb 50% of the chlorine from a hot bath or shower. Chlorine damages hair and skin, and can even lead to some fungal infections. Minerals left behind from hard water cause buildup, lifeless hair, and other issues. The Kleenatap Shower Filter eliminates chlorine, mold, fungi, and algae to protect you.

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