Don't be a filter
Install a filter -

Protect you and your family from unwanted chemicals


Less than 25cents per day to run


Owning or renting

You can benefit from a Kleenatap system


Affordable drinking water quality


Keep Mother Earth Green

Prevent further pollution

Our Purpose

At Kleenatap, our purpose is pure- just like how your water should be. Our goal is to supply our customers with a crystal “kleen” water source that will greatly enhance every aspect of their health and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. We all know that water is essential. The human body is composed of ~60% water. What many of us don’t know, is that the quality of our water is one of the greatest factors in our overall health. The essence of our water affects our weight, energy levels, brain function, digestion, skin, and so much more. Kleenatap realizes how important quality water is to live a happy and healthy life. Take care of your body, mind, and The Earth by installing a filtration system today!

Our Product

The water supplied by the city varies from area to area and no matter how the Municipalities treat your tap water, a Kleenatap water filtration system can eliminate unwanted chemicals, such as chlorine, dirt particles and volatile compounds etc.

Twin System

This system is most popular and is
the alternative to bottled water.

Shower Filter

Chlorine FREE shower.

Counter Top System

Portable system designed for
people who rent.

Reverse Osmosis System

The absolute best quality for less.

Whole House System

no more salt and
costly maintenance…

Bottles that do NOT pollute our oceans & land

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Kleenatap's Goal is to donate $ 1 Million to different ocean cleanup groups across the world.

Worldwide 320 million metric tons of plastic are manufactured each year.

Of that 2.41 million metric tons ends up in the oceans

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