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How to Easily Boost Your Health and Immunity

I’m going to say the C word… Coronavirus. Yes, I know we’re all tired of hearing about it and hoping that it will somehow vanish. But, unfortunately it is still a part of our daily reality. But, the COVID-19 Pandemic isn’t the only threat to our health and immunity. That’s why it’s so important to educate ourselves and advocate for…
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How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse Osmosis… What a complex way to say, “the purest and tastiest water option.” To put it gently, most people don’t understand the labels or terms of certained filtered water. How could they? There are a million other things to worry or learn about. But, water has been my life’s mission and purpose. And that’s why I love working with…
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How to Keep Your Children Safe from Toxins

Parents understand the inevitable desire to keep their children safe. It is hardwired into almost every living being to protect themselves and their families. Kids are curious creatures. They’re constantly in awe of the world around them, sometimes getting into things they shouldn’t. That’s why potentially dangerous household products have designed childproof packaging and warning labels. If you have any…
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What’s Going on With Denver’s Tap Water?

What’s Going on With Denver’s Tap Water? If you are a resident of Denver, Colorado, you may have heard about the recent E.Coli contamination in Englewood’s water supply. Although the water boiling order has been lifted, there are still some concerns between citizens and health officials. In this article, we will explore what exactly is going on. All information has…
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What You Need To Know About Colorado Water

What you need to know about Colorado water

What You Need To Know About Colorado Water If you’re a Colorado resident curious about the quality of the state’s water, this article is for you! Many people have a common misconception that Colorado has some of the nation’s best drinking water. Many of us claim and brag about the fresh mountain spring water and snowmelt that supplies our city’s…
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Top 10 Contaminants in Tap Water

Top 10 Contaminants in tap water

Here are 10 of the top contaminants that can be found in your tap water. Beware… what you read next may change your perspective forever! Personal Care Products Antibiotic soaps, perfumed products, products containing microplastics, and other chemicals/contaminants go down the drain and then can be found in water supplies. Arsenic Most arsenic in drinking water comes from natural rock…
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